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Do you like to work in an innovative environment where we research future trends and technologies? And are you interested in how artificial intelligence can help us generate various forms of content? Then join the team!

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University (Master), University (Bachelor)

In 2014, various researchers introduced the world to Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), often referred to as the ‘most interesting idea in machine learning of the last decade’. These GANs can be taught to create and generate content, ranging from images to whole artworks. But also, in other creative fields, from design to audio, a lot of interesting stuff is happening.

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You are innovative and conceptually strong

You are positive and open for challenges

You have a technical background and affinity with artificial intelligence

Data science/Econometrics/Computer science

Entrepreneurial & experimental

In short, there are a lot of different areas within Greenhouse where we would like to explore the possibilities of these GANs. It can assist in generating design, videos, or even voices – there are various generative use cases to be found. Or maybe we should just create an amazing art work that can be placed within our company.

Your responsibilities, as a team, is to research, concept, and generate content using GANs. As a team, you will be responsible for generating ideas, as well as executing and testing them. You will work in an interdisciplinary team and will be coached from professionals working in our organization.


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