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Do you like to work in an innovative environment where we research future trends and technologies? And are you interested in exploring alternatives what could change the internet as we know it? Then join the team!

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This year celebrated the 30th anniversary of one of the biggest inventions of the last century: the internet. But lately, there has been an increasing amount of criticism – among pioneers of the internet, as well as politicians - on the way the internet has evolved. As some state it: we might have ruined the internet.

The main critique is that a handful of big tech companies rule the online sphere, with business models build around the exploiting the data of their users. Moreover, online businesses (including Greenhouse) grew increasingly dependant on just a few big tech companies. But.. more and more alternatives are popping up, and we would like to explore one of them with you.

Your profile

You are innovative and conceptually strong

You are positive and open for challenges

You have a technical or business background

Entrepreneurial & experimental

One of these initiatives is Solid, driven by the founder of the internet (Tim Berners-Lee). Together with MIT, they are trying to reshape the web as we know it. With Solid, you have different pods with specific information, giving information to those who request it. You regain the access over your data. You could see it as a digital passport.

Your responsibilities, as a team, is to research, concept, and create a working prototype on Solid. As a team, you will be responsible for generating ideas, as executing and testing them. You will work in an interdisciplinary team and will be coached from professionals working in our organization.


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