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Do you want to work in an innovative environment where we are exploring future trends and technologies? And do you have an entrepreneurial mindset and are you interested in researching the possibilities of Natural Language Generation (NLG)?

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In the last couple of years, we have seen that AI is changing the landscape of online marketing. Real-time bidding, search, programmatic buying: the level of human interference during online marketing campaigns is decreasing rapidly. In previous projects at our innovation lab (Labs), we have created an AI that can build design compositions by itself. Currently we are experimenting with an AI-driven video prototype.

Another component of AI important at Greenhouse Group is Natural Language Processing (NLP) - which is the ability for a computer program to understand human language. It is fundamental for Greenhouse Group Conversational, where we build voice-enabled solutions for our clients. But even though these programs are getting better in understanding the intention of people, we still manually need to write and program the responses.

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However, things are changing rapidly here. The next movement in AI is that computers can write language themselves – by having structured data as input and turning it into text. This is called Natural Language Generation (NLG). NLG has the potential to generate sophisticated high quality texts as output, which will affect almost all departments of our organization.

In this internship, your responsibility as a team is to explore the possibilities of NLG. You will work on various use cases within the Greenhouse Group. The internship will consist of doing research, creating concepts, modelling, and testing. Finally, you will develop a working prototype. You will be working in a team with other interns, and guided by some of our best professionals.

We are looking for entrepreneurial, technical students who are up for a challenge


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