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Do you want to work in an innovative environment where we are exploring future trends and technologies? And do you have an entrepreneurial mindset and are you interested in researching the possibilities of AI-driven video?

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In the last couple of years, we have seen that AI is changing the landscape of online marketing. Real-time bidding, search, programmatic buying: the level of human interference during online marketing campaigns is decreasing rapidly. In one of our current projects at Labs, we are experimenting with creating an AI that can build design compositions by itself. Something we call Creative AI.

Besides the growing importance of AI, we see another trend evolving. Approximately 80 percent of all online content is expected to be video by 2019. At Greenhouse Group, we have initiated the Video Hub - fully focusing on this part of digital marketing. But while nearly all marketing practices dynamically adapt its content to the individual (programmatic), video does not.

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Recently, Google has launched an API that is able to label objects, detect scene changes and more. It can provide us a means in analysing the content of a video, but in this project we want to take it to the next level. We like you to experiment and build an AI that can make video programmatic, so that brands/products can be replaced and inserted into online video. This programmatic product placement opens up many doors in making online video both consumer-friendly, as well as scalable from a production point of view.

Your responsibility, as a team, is to explore the possibilities and building an AI-driven programmatic video prototype. The internship will consist of creating concepts, modelling, and testing. Finally, you will develop a working prototype. We are looking for entrepreneurial, technical students who are up for a challenge.


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