Media Craft

We optimise the entire online marketing mix

Digital media. You may think that you could keep up, but forget it. The speed in which one follows the other is huge.

There is a flood of media channels that we mix and match to our liking! And there are just as many media formats to work with from interactive banners to live videos. This doesn't make the world in which we operate any easier, but it's definitely a lot more exciting!

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What we do

Media is by far the biggest craft within Greenhouse. We not only have the most people, but also the most specialisms. From affiliate marketing to SEA, and anything and everything in between: it's all there in the Media Craft.

Together we manage the media components of online marketing campaigns. Our challenge? To get the most out of every marketing euro and demonstrate that success. Always based on the philosophy: ‘the perfect marketing message via the perfect channel at the perfect moment'. The consumer is key. That's what matters.

Who work for us?

We are called on for media challenges on all kinds of channels, such as display advertising, social media and digital out-of-home. In order to ensure that we work flexibly and efficiently within the extremely diverse media landscape, we have various teams which focus on important pillars within online marketing, such as SEA and Programmatic Buying. Besides the specialists, these teams consist of strategists, online marketers and campaign optimizers. But we don't do everything in teams. Our specialists are often deployed solo if necessary. In short: at the Media Craft, you are always where the action is!

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